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people in my music box
Posted by rh on

hi long time listner first time emu you all are great

Posted by susie on

Want to say that I listen to your station on my computer in Dubuque, Iowa. I love the music you play.It is close to salvation. Would it be possible to play more nicole nordemann, especially, Legacy. From your station I learned about Winter Jam. Immediately hit the net and found that it was going to be in Moline, IL. Absolutely blown away. Beyond awesome. Thank you for that. Thanks for a great radio station and great music. Please keep it up. Susie

Can't listen at work anymore
Posted by Jason Smith on

with your new website format I can't listen at work anymore..... can you help?

Milissa moore-tired of looking
Posted by Michael on

I heard this qestion explaned differantly before.Paul wrote it is better to be single than to marry.He could have said it is better to not have kids,or parents.That sounds kinda crazy.Atleast alittle extreme.He wasnt say anything about any of our relationships,marriage,family,ect.Without them though he was able focus on Christ alone.So for us to find that when we get tired of searching we all of the sudden find what we where looking for might be because we lost our distraction gaining our focus on God.Besides the more misses just mean the more He is really watching out for you.

Posted by SHANNON on

I love yas radio show and I listen to it all the time. I was listening to this morning and the woman was talking about the Golden Globe awards and she was talking about the dresses the women where wearing and I kept waiting for her to comment on how everybody that won and got up there to say their thank you speeches none of them not even a one said thank you to God or Jesus but it was not mentioned on yas show of all the people that I figured would say something about it would have been ya cause I myself was very disappointed in the awards and how the people didn't knowledge God at all

I Miss Nashville and my Way-FM music station
Posted by Joy on

HI!! I was a Nashville resident and just loved listening to your radio daily on my rides to work, or going anywhere in the area in my car. I am now in MI and I'm just so thankful I can listen on my computer to your uplifting music and programming. Thank you Way FM

Posted by Adam on

On my way to work I heard ya'll say that your friend who blieves in underground bunkers is basically nuts. But he's right. There is an underground military base under the Denver Airport. There are plenty of articles out there about it, and I don't know if ya'll have seen the show Conspriacy Theory with The Governor but he did a show about it as well. Very interesting show; and very detailed as well.

Angel Priest
Posted by Pamper Cochran on

I believe God uses us at one time or another to be Earth Angels for His children in their times of need..

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