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Posted by angela on


Need my Jam
Posted by Tony on

Whats up with the way FM site? I cant hear the morning show with Brant. It keeps giveing me a message that it's not on until 6, but it's after 6. Help..........Please...... T

Posted by kayla on


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Posted by k on


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I love You Guys
Posted by Stephanie Smith on

Hey I just wanted to say as a teen that I enjoy listening to your radio station. When I'm upset or mad I just turn on the radio and the music brings me back up and running.

Posted by MrWobbles on

Whats this button for?

Posted by Name: on


Posted by Name:michael oliphant on

I love the music. I don't care about the same thing every day. Don't take me the wrong way. It is my up lifting music that keeps me in play.

lisson live
Posted by michael oliphant on

Hi I'm a fan

Posted by Name on


Posted by colton pickard on


Posted by colton pickard on

i really love way fm its uplifting and helps me though the day

Posted by Derrick on


Need some prayer
Posted by Raine Polaczyk on

Hi my name is raine and I live in lawrenceburg and I was just really needing some special I don't really know y'all do that type of thing but I would really appreciate it. I am 17 years and have been going through alot the last few years with my mom and dad. My dad has been in alot of legal trouble and hasn't been around much and during this time my mom began doing drugs and not taking care of me and my 4 siblings. I've struggled alot in the past with my own problems from the depression and dealing with the difficult path I've had to go on. My grandmother took me and has been the most amazing woman in the world I don't know where I'd be without her but it's still been tough for the both of us in many ways, but we have dealt and made it so far with the support and love from one another. I would love to hear from you and get some pray, guidance,counseling,and some help with my realtionship with god. Thank you for your time in reading this note whoever you are.

Posted by Jer on

Life sounds pretty tough for you right now. It's a wonderful thing to have family that you can lean on. Rest assured: Your brothers and sisters in Christ are pleading on your behalf. Till you find some relief, please try to remember that God is good. He has great love for you, and if you keep your eyes and ears open, you'll be aware of all the blessings that he's given you. You're growing strong in your heart each day, and these tough things will turn into good things. - Good things that you can give other people someday. You are loved!

tattoos this morning 3/22/11
Posted by Dennis Goodine on

I believe if your heart is Really questioning if its right or wrong then you shouldn't go all in until you've found Peace in your. FounD Peace not made peace cause we can reason our way into some POOP. I have a tattoo and its my wife and Children's names. I love it and I believe you can have a tat and not have "the mark of the beast" or any other misinterpreted vrs from GODs word like you said if that was a focal point in Heavens communion with our LORD it would surprise me as well,but we know better so enjoy your new tat. Praise the LORD

Streaming Quality
Posted by Jeff on

Any chance you could improve the sound quality? Maybe find out what technology WNAZ used -- they sounded great online. I would love to listen to your station online but it's just too fuzzy and squished.

Listen Live on iMAC
Posted by Sharon in Durham on

Do i have to have a windows based computer to listen live? I have an iMAC, and when I click on the High Bandwidth Steam I get no response.

Posted by Tisha on

you guys are awesome

Posted by Tisha on

you guys are awesome i love you guys


hi guys. i just wanted to thank you for your ministry and music. i just got out of prison in tennessee. I had the priveledge to listen to you in nashville at charles b. bass annex. it was what i needed many times to get through the day. i did 5 years prison. 4 years at whiteville and 1 in nashville. thank you for the humor--->wally and the rest of you guys. if you owuld like to allow mw to give some of my testimony on the air you can reach me at 334-885-9079 ps chris tomlin is awesomer than toby

Posted by Bill on

Y'all are just the best. I have recently found your station and wish the signal was more powerful so I can hear you all over Tennessee.

Posted by Lauren on

Ya'll are amazing!

Posted by Adam Hayes on

My job has sent me to New England. i was really missing my friends and family. I was also really missing my Church family and the brothers and sisters that help keep me lifted up and growing in God. Up here there isn't any stations that play Christian music. At least not that i have found. By being able to listen to WAY FM on my lap top it gives me a little bit of home while so far away.It is so UPLIFTING and keeps me focused. Thank YOu SOOO much for your service to God

on the subject of what happens when i get saved an
Posted by Adam Hayes on

That as soon as you get saved satan starts telling you over and over that it's worse now that you are saved. He lost you to Christ and he wants that soul back. So you have to look thru that and understand that that is an attack on the old person not the new person. That now thru the Grace of God and the Love of Christ that you have someone to turn to and that you don't have to go thru the Bad things alone. And thru Christ you are givin the power to rebuke satan and comand him out of your life. I think every new Christian goes thru this exact thing. Be happy that you are gowing thru it and that you will grow and recieve a testomony thru it.

Smart phone app
Posted by Greg on

Please add a BlackBerry app...that would be SWEET!

Posted by Dave Otuwa on

Hello. This station is better than The River and The Fish because it's commercial-free, family-friendly, and listener-supported. Also, it's full of Impact Partners.

Posted by Ashley Ferrell on

hi, i just wanted to tell you how the station has changed my life. i have always been a christian and i used to go to church every chance i got. then one day i just quit going. my sister was very upset with me because she is very big into church. then one day i was fliiping through the radio and stumbled upon this station and started listening.. i really love this station. and its pretty much all i listen to. i just wanted to say thanks because you have givin me and my sister a reason to come together again and we actually get along.. its just proof of how amazing god can be and how powerful his word. and how he can bring even the strangest mist unlikely people together.. thankyou Ashley Ferrell / clarksville, tn

Posted by Name on


Posted by Tony Dooley on

Brant, you are funny.... And with that, I am going to ask God to show me the truth. We are told " we need no man to teach us, but that the spirit of God will lead us into all truth." we have not because we ask not! so I'm asking.... Keep up the good work. T

Posted by Ileana on

Thank you so much for what you just said about tithing. I go to a church that pretty much believes if you don't tithe you go to hell because you're not keeping what God has established as a "rule". I have always given because I like to not because I have to so I have found it a real blessing in my life but there are people out there feeling like they are not good enough because they don't tithe but, maybe it's because they can barely make ends meet!? I'm very happy to be listening to a radio statioi with people such as Brant who aren't afraid of speaking the truth just because people might get upset. Let 'em! I'm just happy to her the truth!

u guys
Posted by kayla on

hey I'm in the elementary school system still, but I'm having trouble with my family. see my parents got a divorce when i was in the 2nd grade and ever since then it's been really hard for me 'cause I'm the middle cild and when some ones mad they aim their hate and anger at me. but when ever i'm upset or troubled i just turn on 88.7 and sing along to the radio. i love you and your doing a great job keep it up, k.

Posted by kayla on

just wanted to ask if any of you all would pray for me i've had a tough day and wanted to no if any of the listeners would pray that i would be okay 'cause I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow and I'm kinda nervous, that would mean the world to me thanks k.

Posted by Tisha on

i love you guys Tisha from Tenn

Posted by Tisha on

I LOVE YOU GUYS Tisha from Tenn

Jason eaton band
Posted by Jeff gocking on

Please play furious love by jason eaton band

Discussing your application on the iTunes store.
Posted by Andy on

Your app Keeps crashing on my iPod touch! I love WAY-FM but your app is not buffeting and I want to listen to you guys so please release an update or get working on one! That means even Brant and Wally need to start working and stop using their interns like monkey Helpers. I am 14 and want to work at WAY someday with or to replace brant or Wally.

Posted by inluvwithJC on

You rock and It would be so cool if they have a chat thingy on here or on total when ever your on air lol well Luv ya :D

Posted by A.P. on

I am a teenager and I LOVE this station! it brings me up when I'm feeling low and always cheers me up! Thanks to everyone at Way FM for being there for everyone that needs it (like me). BTW...WALLy is Awesome!!!!!!!! so is Brant and everyone else at Way FM!!!!!

Posted by A.P. on

CASTING CROWNS - SET ME FREE IS THE BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

prayer for our mission trip
Posted by Dino Glasman on

Please pray for us, College to World Ministry at Austin Peay State University. We will be leaving for Kaluga Russia 17 May & returning 29 May. 3 students, another minister and myself will be traveling to orphanages, universities and churches to share the message of Christ. In His Grip, Dino

Disgusted with TV show
Posted by nancy underwood on

Hi ya'll, first let me say thanks for this station! I have been watching Grey's Anatomy for a while now despite the "lesbians". I've been looking past the fact what our Father tells us about being gay because I enjoy the show. BUT now I will NO longer watch the show. The last episode was based around a "gay marriage". And one of the mothers voiced her opinion that marriage was between a man & woman and that she wouldn't attend the mockery. A character on the show was trying to console the girl who's mother won't attend the "wedding". In consoling her, this is what she said "...SOME PEOPLE JUST HAVEN'T CAUGHT UP WITH GOD..." Yes, that is what was said! I have been mad since last week. I have written twice to the network. I'm sure they will make fun of me and will trash the emails, but at least I told them what was real! I made the statement that "Before you try to talk about God you must FIRST KNOW GOD"!! and "God NEVER changes"! "people just haven't caught up with God" Hmmmmm What can we do as christians to fight back against these "pretty lies"? Those that haven't heard or know much about their creator watch and listen to lies on TV. We have to stop this, but how? All I knew was to voice my opinion I know they sure voiced theirs, except it was on national television. I really pray that you bring this to attention to your listeners so they too can write to the networks to let them know we have had enough! Thank you for a chance to tell you my conviction - I will no longer watch those type of shows any more!! God bless, nancy underwood

On air now site
Posted by Jen on

My computer is not letting me see what song is playing now. Its showing me yesterday morning? Just wondering how to fix that. There have been a couple of songs I would love to have the names to and I can't get that info online. Please help. I really love the music you play. Thank you. God Bless!

Jean Shorts
Posted by Joe Traynor on

Guys can wear jean shorts, but it depends upon the style of short. Baggy is in, knee length or just above/just below, but not tight jean shorts - ever!! And NEVER short shorts on a guy! Carpenter /painter style jean shorts (with side pocket and hammer loop are ok or any type of baggy / loose fitting jean short. Dress well! Joe

Posted by Dana on


Posted by stella griffin on

Thank God for your station..thank God for music. con tact

Posted by stella griffin on

listen for BRIDGE on the airwave...coming up for

songs played
Posted by giselle miller on

I love way Fm, and listen all the time, on the way to work and everywhere. You all seldom announce however, after a song, who it is or what it is called,...or maybe I just never get to hear it. Anyway, I would very much like to know the name of the 2 songs and the artists, and the album that I related to today. the first was playing at 7:37 am. -- it said something about waiting patiently to be with the one she loved (as I have been doing for some time, and will continue to do till October) can i get this information the second song was playing at 12:55pm -- and it said something about, patient with my doubt,..I want to show you what my love is all about.......... Neither song, did I get to hear from the beginning, nor did I catch the end. But I would really like to find out what both of these songs were if someone could help me, and email the information to me. I would appreciate it so very much. also, the song HELD,....or HELPED by Natalie ? is a favorite of mine. I cry when I hear it, because it reminds me of how I feel, about the death of my adult son. thanks for your help up front Sincerely, Giselle Miller

Posted by chuck on

what is this song time 12:26 saturday june 11

song choices
Posted by Tricia B on

Hi..I would love to hear more variety in your song choices. I don't hear much of Jeremy Camps(?) amazing Grace..I'd also like to hear more of Rascal flats and Marina McBride"Do it anyway" There is also an older song that Mariah Carey sings..And what about songs like"You build me up" by Josh Grobin.And "one more day".These and many more are Very inspirational. Please consider this...Thank you..

useless holidays
Posted by kayla on

last year i was listening to a station before you guys and they started talking about a holiday called national bacon day? and they said there was even a bacon icecream!!ewwwww.

Posted by Name on


First Time
Posted by Thongsouk M on

Looking forward to hear some great inspiring music from The Way FM. I listen to the station every morning before work.. Uplifting, thank God for leaning me towards this station.

Whats up
Posted by Danny on

Hey , heard Brant saying something about the last day of radio show but i am listening every day slightly and intermittly at work. please don't tell me way is off the air as 101.1 in 2001. Please dont tell me tat. HELP

i love way fm
Posted by kirsten on

Way fm is the greatest radio station ever and i love skillet

Hello. From Antioch, IL
Posted by Corbin Wesler on

I was in Nashville earlier this summer doing missions training (Russia Intensive Training Experience). While I was down there I learned about WAY-FM. Now, I'm constantly listening to the live stream on my computer. May God bless you! Corbin Wesler

Heather Thomas
Posted by Nellie Harrison on

You go girl. Enjoyed your song

Marraige book
Posted by Brittany on

Hey! What was the name of the book you guys were talking about regarding marraige trouble a nd how to work through it? The author was Leslie and her husband. Thanks! Brit

Posted by sarah on

hebrews 4:12

Posted by sarah on

Hebrews 4:12

"holistic" practicioners
Posted by Kim on

Most holistic practitioners are not trained or qualified to treat serious medical illness. However, they have no practice act or laws which forbid them from stating they can provide such treatment. For persons with difficult to diagnose or treat illnesses which have not received enough funding or research in the medical community, such as ME/CFS, "holistic" practicioners turn out too often to be just the modern day equivalent to "snake oil" salesmen, quick to market to that severely debilitated, desperate population which is underserved by the mainstream medical establishment. We end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on treatments which do not treat the cause of the illness, further worsening an already impoverished financial condition affected by not being able to work due to severely ill health.

Posted by Will on

To Raine Polaczyk in Lawrencburg ... I will pray for you. I"m sure that others will too. I just wanted to let you know that there are others out here that will pray for you. Will

Posted by Madysen on

I ABSOLUTELY LOVEE your webcast and station!!! As a teen it is soo inspiring to listen to people who have struggled with sin and trying to do the best to listen to God and what he wants for us and that in the long run, things WILL get better!! I LOVE your station because when I feel sad or mad or just when I'm going to church on Sundays,it is so inspirational and gets me in the mind set of wanting to listen to what God wants us to do and learn more from Him.....THANK YOU!! SOO funny too!!

Wayne Kerr Band song called "The Mirror"
Posted by Jo Ann on

This song if you listen carefully to the words, is about how God made you one of a kind and beautifully created! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for playing this song! I really need some self confidence and really need to hear that it is not what other people say about you, but what GOD says about you! Thanks, Jo Ann

Posted by Name on

Awesome raidio station

I love this station!
Posted by Danyell on

I'm going through a really hard time right now. My marriage of 13 years just ended and I feel lost...alone. This station's music is helping me find learn to trust in God more then ever. Please pray for me, my two daughters and my soon to be ex-husband. I will always love him..he has a special place in my heart forever. Thanks.

Love Way FM
Posted by Michael Smith on

This radio station has been a blessing to me for 3 years now. Way FM is a part of our family.

Posted by mary-ruth on

hey i love ur station

Posted by Heather on

I cannot listen your station anymore, and I am missing it. I live in PA and used to listen to WordFM but they have changed their player, so I came here. But neither player will load. The pop up does open and all the content loads, but it just keeps buffering or loading the stream. Any idea why this will not play? Thanks Heather

can't listen
Posted by Jerry Cottone on

live in SC. Charleston Way fm 100.9 nothing but static there. Went to Nashville and it worked for hours. I paused the player. When I went back I got Silence. Please Help. I love your music. Jerry

Posted by Debbie on


Posted by Name on

I love listening to Way FM 24/7! Yet, I still feel like you're missing a huge demographic of people who listen to your station. There are lots of black contemporary christian artist such as Nicole C Mullen. It would be great to hear more artists like her. Thanks for such a positive alternative to radio!

Let faith arise
Posted by Daniela Corry on

I love this station!!! It helps me through tough times. This is such a positive station, and done great things in my life. :)

casting crowns
Posted by Angela on

I heard a song called Glorious Day by Casting Crowns and absolutely loved the song. It got hooked to your radio station and I haven't changed since! However, I haven't heard this song since then. Could you please play this song for me? Thanks you so much for the music you guys are playing! Angela

New Car - Stale Smell
Posted by David on

You need to pull carpets back to see the seat bolts and you need to check under carpets in trunk. Look for rust. A sign the car has been in a flood. With so many areas of the Southeast being flooded, it would not be unheard of that someone would clean their car themselves and trade it in never admitting it was flooded. If you find something suspicious you need to talk to your dealer and maybe a lawyer.

Posted by curtis edge on

there is a band called red they are like a mix of disiple and kudless please play them.

Posted by curtis edge on


Word on the way
Posted by Terry Stidham on

I have an iPhone 3g. I don't get audio when I click the daily "word on the way" play button. Can you help?

Morning show not just for girls
Posted by Adam on

Believe it or not, some men are awake this early. As much as I love to hear about cute car nicknames and baby dolls... I was wondering if you could diversify the subjects in the morning a little. I'm still listening. Thanks. Adam

Morning show not just for girls
Posted by Adam on

Believe it or not, some guys are awake this early. I was wondering if we could diversify the subjects a bit in the morning. I find it hard to relate to baby dolls who can poop and pee... Just a sugestion. Thanks. Adam

It worked...
Posted by Adam on

I guess it worked. Thats a little embarassing. I'm really not mean, just technologically challenged.

Last played songs?
Posted by Marie Curie on

Please list clearly the last played songs!

Thank God for Way FM
Posted by Carole on

I'd like to share an inspiring story... I was driving on Hwy 111 the other day between Livingston and Algood. I usually leave the car radio on 90.5 since it switches between two Christian radio stations during the drive. Mid trip, I was consciously overlooking the many road signs from an adult toy shop. At that moment, I felt a pang of sadness and exhaustion. I've been dissapointed at the liquor stores and adult toy stores making business here in the area. I reminded myself that we will be tried in this world though, and that times will get worst before they get better. I also remembered part of the Lord's prayer: "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen." Matthew 6:9 You see, something wonderful happened as I reached the last big hill as I passed that store... reception for the Way FM started coming back on the car radio as I got closer to the radio tower on a distant mountain top... and the song "Strong Tower" by Kutless came in distorted by sound waves but loud and clear to my ears! And I started singing and praising God! Thank God for Way FM. I listen in daily and appreciate the encouragement!

Son with a felony charge
Posted by Amy c on

The other day you had someone on talking about helping people who have felony charges. Could you give me an email with their name and info?

Son with felony charge
Posted by Amy c on

A few weeks ago you had a couple on talking about helping those with a felony charge. could you give me info on on it? So appreciate it--love the show!

Re: Wally praying over soldier at Casting Crowns C
Posted by Chris Horvath on

Hey Wally- I was listening to you on my way to work this morning and how you prayed over the soldier at the Casting Crowns concert. You said you don't usually do something like that for fear that people will think you are doing it not forthe glory of God. I just want to encourage you that praying over and for people is one of the greatest things you can do to encourage them as well as others. Satan doesn't want that because he knows the powerful tool prayer is that each of us as christians has-don't believe the lies satan may be feeding your mind. Keep encouraging and walking in the truth you deliver to so many everyday! Chris

recently played
Posted by Vickie on

I heard a song on the radio on my iphone but do not know what it is. It was playing at 4:48pm today. By the time I got to the computer it was too late to see the recently played. It started out speaking of mistakes that had been made, I missed the mid to the end. Sorry. I hope you can help =)

Bitrate is too low
Posted by Sergiy on

I am not sure how Way-FM can expect people to listen to this station on the internet if the "high" bandwidth stream is only 64 kbps. That's worse than FM radio (assuming good reception). Make it at least 128 kbps. Every time I try the high bandwidth stream I end up turning it off within 3 minutes. It is outrage upon music :-) Oh, one more thing. Way FM website (for example, the page where I am typing this message) does not seem to work properly in anything but Internet Explorer (just tried Crome and Firefox). Who programmed it?

Posted by Name on

I can't listen to the radio online anymore. :(

Destined to Win, a tribute to Jessy Dixon
Posted by Matt Vail on

Wally, I rediscovered a song from my childhood yesterday and found this specific version performed by Jessy Dixon. He passed away in September to be with the Lord. Degarmo and Key were the authors and as you know Dana Key also passed in 2010. Is there anyway you can play this song today on air? It would be a great tribute to both men who molded the landscape of christian music we enjoy today. Love the show! Thanks, MV

Posted by Name on

i want to hear hold me by jamie grace

Posted by ire on

why were you in the hospital when Betty and Katie were redoing your house

Posted by ire on

I love the song Hold Me by Jamie Grace would you it more often< Stronger by Mandesa,Suitcases,and This is the Stuff By Fracessca Battisteli

Posted by dona on

hi im from Indonesia.... God bless.........

Posted by Name on

i absoulutely love hold me... it inspired me & lifted me up... i'd love to hear it more often... I LOVE U JAMIE GRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanksgiving for Matt!
Posted by J. Wheeler on

Talk about strangers for Thanksgiving, you find a family stranger than mine! I really hope Matt, Kelly and all 3 boys join us for Thanksgiving. Matt should recognize my name and email.

Love your station
Posted by Casey Veradt on

I love this station.. It helps me get through the Day, the music is perfect!

Songs :)
Posted by alissa watts on

how do i request a song on the internet??

Posted by cas on


Posted by cas on


Love way-fm
Posted by Genesis on

I love way-fm! It has the best music ever! Way-fm does make impact on other people like me!

Posted by courtney renfroe on

i love yaws music!!! its the only station i listen to now :-)

how i learned how to forgive
Posted by kimberly iruegas on

dear.way fm, will this is how my story all started when i turned 14. well all this girls at my church where asking if i was gonna have a quinceanera? later that night i told my mom if i could have one. she said yes i was so happy. a few mounths pass and then my mom ask if gonna have a waltz i said yes. she said that yor going to have 15 girls and 15 guys so it could be eleagent so i did i got all the girls and all the guys next thing you know my mom got a hall that cant fit all that 32 people could dance a waltz like a you suppost she told me to cut off ten guys and girls. so i did and this girl thought i was kidding and thought she was still in a mouth pass a she finally found out she was not in it by a girl that was in it.she got mad at me a said that i was a races person cause i only chose i was for real .later on i told her somthing that she went crying to her mom i relized in the hillsong concert that i shoudnt say stuff like i did to that girl i felt like i was sad cause i was the person who people went to to seek when they needed help but that sunday i told her sorry cause God love all of us that gave his only son to forgive our sins so why cant not forgive her just for a little stupid girl drama.girls please to get mad at each others cuase its dumb if you having troubles go to god he make it all better just like he did to me!:D

comments about the show
Posted by Kim on

First of all I love the show! All of the shows, really. Anyway, I was listening to the show today and heard Melissa say someone was refered to as a bad Christian. Very judgemental and the one listener who called in and said we are One Body is right. We are and we are all in need of Christ being revealed in us ,as Paul often stated ,so that we will be a manifestation of that and not of us in the earth. Also, I would like to point out that we have no idea as to what God is doing in the life of another believer...where they are spiritually. We don't all grow at the same pace and , I am sorry, but we do not go into baptism all messed up and come out perfect in our motivation, desires, thoughts, etc. We have to remember that just as we would not cut off a limb of our natural body just because it did not measure up to that of someone else or even the opposite limb in some cases, we also can not cut off a part of our spiritual body either . We do that with our attitude sometimes...pruning is for God to do. Just mu thoughts on the matter ; ) God Bless You All! Kim

feedback from a question asked on the Matt and Mel
Posted by Kathy on

Earlier this week I was listening to the show and heard people making comments about what to do if people with small, loud children sit by you in church. The question was is it rude to move away from them I understand the frustration we feel when our worship is interupted. But I kept thinking how sometimes we get to sit at the feet of Jesus and sometimes we are to be Jesus. Any time we have to step outside ourselves and exercise love and grace it is a chance to be Jesus. My children are older now but I remember the years of walking church halls with my baby wondering why I bothered to come. My church provided a nursery but I was never able worship if I left my child crying. In those situations you can receive a wonderful blessing when you ask Jesus to give you the patience and love for that family that He has.

Kim Kardashian
Posted by Julie Byrnes on

I was listening this afternoon to your discussion about Kim Kardashian's tweet concerning her intent to start a Bible study followed by a tweet announcing her appointment for a lingerie shoot. I think it is great that she has expressed interest in a Bible study. I pray she follows through with it and is put in the company of people who will encourage and counsel her from the whole of scripture. I am writing however, to throw in my two cents about the lingerie shoot. I heard a caller say that she didn't have a problem with advertising this product and then stated "who better to advertise it than the designer." I guess I have a couple of questions for listeners to think about, especially women. What is lingerie intended (especially Kim's line) to be used for? In a lingerie ad what is being advertized (the garment,the body, or sex)? While I believe that lingerie worn in the context of an intimate relationship between a husband and wife is certainly appropriate, I do have reservations about the advertising of it in the manner we have become accustomed to, which has little to do with its appropriate use. In an age where sex trafficking is a great concern, is it approppriate for believers to encourage such ads? It isn't our place to judge Kim's heart or to condemn her or anyone else, but it is the place of the Body of Christ to represent his nature and character in the earth.

u rock
Posted by grady on

guys i am 10 now it was my b day i just want to tell u i am so grateful for this station it blesses me every day i go to school i hope u have a great day love graPr

Bucket list for Katie - Milk the cow
Posted by Tony Wallace on

Katie, there is an iPhone or iPad app "milk the cow". It's like the real thing....

Internet Radio Not Working
Posted by Kristy on

I LOVE this radio station, and would LOVE to listen to it online. It's not working for me. I live in TX, but grew up in TN and really miss listening to WAY-FM. I clicked on the High Bandwidth Stream and it connects to ITunes, but then when I click play it doesn't work. Thanks for your help. Blessings! :)

no reception in Lebanon
Posted by Christin on

Since we've moved to Lebanon, we have no reception for Way FM. :(

Posted by none on

i just wanted to say thank you for everyting that do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by brittanie on

What is the title of this love book on air now?

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Posted by Kayla on

Thank you for doing what you do. Recently my family had some issues happening, and during that time I kept listening to your station and it helped me through the hard times.

Thank you so much
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I just wanted to thank you guys for what you do. The first time I heard "All This Time" by Britt Nicole it really hit me hard because that is my story! So many songs you've played have completely rocked my world and I just want to say thank you.

'im so thankful..'
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Hey yuh guys, what can i say? Very inspirin. i havent been able to go to church every so often because of work. this station definetly keeps me going. i love how i can sing along to every single song and know every single word. i cant go a day without listenin to God's music.! im so thankful that yall actually care about my salvation. because without yall.... i would probably been back down.. thanks much. :') may i ask you to pray for my dad. he is in prison, and an alcoholic. help me save him! please! thank you!

May God Bless This Station
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Dear, melinda and matt thankyou so much for all things you do just to make this radio the best ever! i listen to you guys everyday. im 12 now and just just appricate you guys putting a boost of faith in me. you guys are sooo cool and halarious :)! and i have a question. My friend is olny 13 and claims that she dosnt even know what she is. Her dad died a few years back and she blamed god for it. Now she just thinks god hates her and she thinks the devil will love her, (if there is a heaven and hell) she is like my big sister but is not the best influence on me. Ive tried telling her that its not true any of thoughs things. But she wont listen. I pray. But i just feel so bad.What do i do?

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i am a minister and i have a friend who is in england and he is a great singer of christian music will you look at his songs please

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i have a friend in england who is a great christian please listen to his music

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The Wayfm App for my iphone cuts off after about 1 minute playing. The "Way FM Player" crashes my internet frequently. The slow streaming worked great, once I found it. Then it disappeared fromt he web page - but I found it under "On Demand". Now it is gone and the MP3 stream above won't run on my computer.... In my office, radios won't pick up anything. I'm lost... can you help me?

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heart so full
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Thank you for playing Mat Kearney's song DOWN this morning. I usually listen to secular music on the way to work (actually a talk show) but for some reason this morning something told me to switch over for a minute and this song was beginning. It was beautiful lurics singing to and through my heart. My daughter is going theough a very rought ime right now (out of work, resisting the temptation of drugs and alcohol all around her) but has found the love of our Father and is following him now! She never had an earthly father and I know this song is exactly what she needs to hear! Thank you so much! Amber

never stop this station!!!!!!! PLEASE??????
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i have been listening to this station practically since i was born! i am 12 now, and have never been more touched.... what you guys do is truly working! keep it up! i

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oh nooooo!!!!!! when i was listening to the "way-fm player", it crashed!!!!! please help!!!!! it keeps glitching!!!!!!

hope for problems
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my brother is 15 and has scoliosis (curved spine; may have one or more curves) and so does my neighbor.... she is only 8..... my brother has two curves in his spine..... not sure about my neighbor..... but my bother has to use a chiropractic chair to help his spine be straight again. he has had scoliosis for several years, but we haven't given up hope yet. we are praying that his spine will be corrected in the next year or so..... he cannot play sports anymore because of his scoliosis. IF YOU JUST READ THIS, PLEASE PRAY FOR MY BROTHER AND NEIGHBOR!!!! this radio station gives us hope..... god bless you way-fm!!!!!

Sermon on Way FM
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I heard part of a sermon on Sat. night, June 23. It was about Ephesians 5 and marriage, wives submitting to your husbands and husbands loving your wives, even if they're not deserving of it. I would really like to hear the whole sermon - can you let me know if there is a way to do that? Thanks!

word that comes to mind
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goals -you set your goals and god will help you each any goal you set ecause you trust and have faith in him

playlist for WED 9/5/12
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I'm trying to find out if WAY FM played the song "Pride" by Syntax this morning around 7 A.M. Thanks! ~cec dekraai

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wheres the list of music they were talkin about having i cant find it

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whereis the music list they were talking about? i cant seem to find it

Overweight Weather Lady
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Being overweight is the result of overeating which is not always a choice, so it is not always a sin. Morbid obesity (BMI > 40) and superobesity (BMI > 50) are generally linked to sexual or physical abuse. The person is overeating but they are driven by their past cir***stances. The weather lady appears to be overweight but not even obese. Any comments to her were lewd and crude and not befitting brotherly love. But you are missing the point of your whole conversation. To take one item and label someone as being terrible is over judging and a sin in itself. Do you think this guy has any real social skills to write such a letter? Obviously, he is socially impaired. He is physically fit, he sees someone who is not, and he assumes he is so superior that he should run their life for them. You have played the same game. As a radio host you seem to have lots of personality. So it is obvious to you that this person is inferior to you. Do you feel better by putting him down? There was not one comment all week about how to help someone who is socially impaired. Our personalities are often shaped by our life cir***stances. Is it possible that this guy had a crummy home situation where he never learned to love or trust others? As someone who is socially impaired and probably should not be writing this letter, I simply want to say that I have said hurtful things to others not thinking about the consequences of my actions. God has shown me how to love and trust others better than I have in the past. The point I want to make is this, is the church accepting of overweight people but exclusive of dysfunctional people. Is there no place for people that need help in relating to others. How would you help to fix this guy from a biblical viewpoint? If you answered this question, I missed it this week.

overweight lady
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Being overweight is the result of overeating which is not always a choice, so it is not always a sin. Morbid obesity (BMI > 40) and superobesity (BMI > 50) are generally linked to sexual or physical abuse. The person is overeating but they are driven by their past cir***stances. The weather lady appears to be overweight but not even obese. Any comments to her were lewd and crude and not befitting brotherly love. But you are missing the point of your whole conversation. To take one item and label someone as being terrible is over judging and a sin in itself. Do you think this guy has any real social skills to write such a letter? Obviously, he is socially impaired. He is physically fit, he sees someone who is not, and he assumes he is so superior that he should run their life for them. You have played the same game. As a radio host you seem to have lots of personality. So it is obvious to you that this person is inferior to you. Do you feel better by putting him down? There was not one comment all week about how to help someone who is socially impaired. Our personalities are often shaped by our life cir***stances. Is it possible that this guy had a crummy home situation where he never learned to love or trust others? As someone who is socially impaired and probably should not be writing this letter, I simply want to say that I have said hurtful things to others not thinking about the consequences of my actions. God has shown me how to love and trust others better than I have in the past. The point I want to make is this, is the church accepting of overweight people but exclusive of dysfunctional people. Is there no place for people that need help in relating to others. How would you help to fix this guy from a biblical viewpoint? If you answered this question, I missed it this week.

looking for the name of a song
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i am having a hard time getting on the website tonight. could you tell me what was the name of the song/artist played at about 9:57 tonight. (monday oct.22) I love the way! both the radio station and "a direction in life!" THE WAY! The Only Way! Thank you for all that you do! God's peace! sue

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i have been trying to call in and get no answer. Could you please play Christmas shoes br fm static

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Could you please Christmas shoes by fm static

Anthem Lights
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Anthem Lights is an awesome group of guys! I haven't heard them played locally yet, I know they have a huge fan base! Do you play them? I am downloading your app now! :) thank you!

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That was funny but so true what she said about camping. thanks

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Loved what Melissa said about camping.

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Please create an App for Windows store. I am a fairly new listener, a convert from THE FISH. Would LOVE an app for my Windows phone. Love you guys. Thanks for the laughs, music and encouragement...not necessarily in that order.- Blessings- Dana Inch

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There are songs that I hear every day and even though I've heard the song many times all of a sudden the words and meaning break through and I get the song...when I need it most. Mourning the loss of a friend on two levels. mourning my loss of my friend who was married to my best friend so I'm hurting for her as well as she navigates life without him

why isnt 88.7 app on the google play store
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You guys should put this app on android. (:

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Is this radio station streamable on android phones?

Older Christian Music
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Does Way-fm have any older Christian music, such as Petra and Stryper, that some of us older listeners may want to hear? I enjoy very much the music you play now but it would be nice to hear something I grew up on. Thank you for all you do and Have a Blessed Day!

to get closer to heart hurts when im aroun
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Fighting sadness

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Thank You !

Wally Show?
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whens the wally show and what channel on a radio is it on? I listen to 9.13 wcsg and watch the wally show all the time on you tube so on the radio what station?

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