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From Founder Bob Augsburg

25 Years of WAY-FM

WAY-FM recently celebrated our 25th Year. I was just in my early 30’s when this dream of starting a radio station to minister to youth and young adults started to take root first in my wife’s heart and soon to follow in mine. I was the morning D.J at a Christian station in my hometown (Ft. Myers, Florida) but the station was more focused on seniors. After God continued to burden us with this idea to venture out by faith and begin a new kind of Christian radio station, we stepped out of our comfort zone and began the long process of applying with the government for a new FM radio station. God answered those prayers and on October 9, 1987  WAY-FM was born in Fort Myers.

WAY-FM was only one of 3 or 4 Top 40 Christian music stations in the U.S at the time. We had very little funds. In fact there was only 2 weeks of reserves in the WAY-FM account to keep the station on the air.  But our excitement and vision for this new ministry was so strong, we didn’t stop to think about how we would pay the bills in the weeks and months to follow. Here we are 25 years later. Obviously God came through. 

Over the years the faithful gifts from listeners who also cared deeply about reaching people for Christ has allowed WAY-FM to expand into numerous cities throughout the country. WAY also has a growing following abroad as more and more people find us on the web and through online platforms like iHeart Radio. It would not be possible without the generous gifts from individuals as well as businesses who believe in our mission.



Bob Augsburg, President/Founder

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Address to send cd?
Posted by Robyn Goodworth on

Hello! What is the address to your station so I can send a cd? Thanks! Robyn Goodworth

Artist request
Posted by Chuck Clifton on

How do you get an artist or song request to be added to the playlist. I really like Chris Sligh's stuff, but I don't think I ever heard Only You Can Save. His new single One is awesome. Any chance you can add it to the playlist. Any new artist fan, Chuck Clifton

Your Important !
Posted by Mabel Hinton on

When I made my one-time pledge, I was in a hurry and didn't get to really explain how important 88.7 Way FM is to me. I grew up in a broken home. Raped at 13. In and out of children's homes and foster care until I was 18. Once I turned 18 and finally had the chance to take control of my life, I found out I had cancer. Luckily it was the beginning stages and didn't keep me out of life for too long! Then I was off to college, where my goal was to be happy ... Finally for once in my life! I looked everywhere for happiness. I worked for a local rock radio station in Nashville, where I met my fiancé of 3 years. The music world is full of drinking, cheating, and drugs. It took me a while to realize I wasn't getting happiness from any of those things. Idk why i couldnt be happy with that lifestyle. Everyone else was! But i couldn't ignore what was tugging at my soul and the engagement ended as well as the job. I moved to another town outside Nashville by myself and started over alone. I became active in a local church, but my problem was that I love music! And Christian music never cut it for me before. Everytime I listened to my favorite songs, I felt convicted. Idk how I found WAY FM. All I know is I love the station, love the music, and feel closer to God. My music doesnt pull me away anymore. I'm still a work in progress, but I'm on the right track. And my radio never leaves 88.7! I love you guys and thank you so much. My relationship with our father is strengthened by you! My self esteem and image of myself has fallen short my whole life. But I am happy and at peace with life now. And im excited to see what God can use me for. I can't thank you enough for helping me get to this point!

Thank you
Posted by Sue Detweiler on

Bob & WayFM, Thank you for your faith-filled journey to follow God's call. Your bold faith to move forward in spite of obstacles gives momentum to others to answer God's.

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