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Find Out About God

All of us want a connection – a way to feel like we fit at home in our skin, our careers, our communities. It’s that thing we all want but can be really hard to find.

I am Second shares stories of people who found that being first didn’t work. Stories of Actors. Athletes. Musicians. Business leaders. Drug addicts. Soccer moms. Grocery clerks. Your next-door neighbor. People like you.

See why Wally is second.


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Posted by Name on


Yesterday I was listening and it said babies in Lu
Posted by Carolyn Haynie on

Can you tell me where to find that info?

Thank you for all you do Wally
Posted by Daniela Kunz on

I was very touched watching the video above. Thank you for being so courageous and sharing your story. You are an awesome beautiful being. Shine on through God within you.

Posted by Daniela Kunz on

Brant, thank you for sharing your story. I had the privilege to get to meet you during a Pledge Drive of Way FM here in Franklin, TN a couple of years back. I wish I had known back then what I do know now. I would not have been so shy and would have just come to you to greet you. Well, I do it now - even though you might not get to see it anymore, since you left WAY FM for Compassion International. All the best for you and all at Way FM

Love Wally
Posted by Mom on

Thanks for sharing ~ showing your video to some teenagers ~ God puts people and their stories in the paths of others to help and we appreciate ya ~ Love your show , Listen everyday and everyday someone in "the van" gets a message , Keep on inspiring us with the humor and seriousness because it is working ♥

God and how powerful he is.
Posted by Sharon K. Armstrong on

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