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The Wally Show

(L to R: Katie Rose, Wally, Betty Rock and Producer Zach)

If you haven't yet checked out the all new Wally Show, then you're missing out on a lot.  5am to 9am too early you say?  Don't let that stop you.  Every day, you can enjoy content from the show on demand.  Get what you want, when you want it.   

Plus, you can stalk follow the gang on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!

Let us know what you think of the new show in the comments below.  We'd love to read your feedback. 


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Wally Show "am"
Posted by Ellyn on

Love the new show just wish I could hear more of it. I am at work by 6:30am so I miss alot. When it was on in the afternoon I could listen more. I guess I could listen on demand at night, but not the same. Thanks for all you do. Really uplifting

Toby Mac concert in Alabama
Posted by Diann Brown on

I want to thank you for allowing Toby Mac to come to Decatur, Al. It was an awesome concert and I am sponsoring a young lady from Bolivia, with the program food for the hungry. Thanks again and I love listening to wafym. Wally I loved listening to you when you did the afternoons, loved the island episode where they chose 3 songs. May you all have a blessed life.

how to become a freind of wayfm?
Posted by greg(the baker)davison on

I love your stuff, not just wallys but all of your stuff all day long

Posted by greg(the baker)davison on

I want to know how to become a freind of youall on facebook?

Wally show
Posted by John on

Miss you guys in the afternoon, but catch as much as I can while at work. I also scour the you tube vids. There's nothing quite like christians living their lives, showing all the edges and awkwardness that life involves rather than simplistic little statements designed to show their religion. Keep up the crazyness and especially for Betty ~ Cats rule!

Moved and Thanks
Posted by Charlotte on

I just want to say I moved to PA almost a month ago from Vermont. I get up early every day still for work. Even though there are 2 christian radio stations here I open up my computer and put "the wave" on to listen to the Wally Show.. Thanks for the inspiration in the morning and the laughs.. Love it..

Toby Mac's Unplugged Show
Posted by Al Caldwell on

GOOD MORNIN WALLY, KATIE ROSE, BETTY ROCK, and ANYONE THERE THAT I MISSED!! We all know that we are truly Blessed to have Toby Mac coming to Clarksville, TN on March 2nd!! I was lucky enough to be off the Monday morning the tickets went on sale, and bought my "Golden Circle Tickets for me and Kim on that Monday @ 10:00.00.01 AM!! I do have a couple of questions that I was hoping you could answer: 1. Are you guys going to be there? I've spoke to some of you a few times on the phone but really like to meet you someday!! Same goes for Matt & Melissa, and ALL WayFm folks, including the off the air people that make everything happen so we can listen!! 2. I mentioned that I purchased a couple "Golden Circle Tickets" for the show! That sounds fancy! Is there a dress code? Hey I just may rent a tuxcido....what do you think??? HAHAHAHA!!!!! Thanks for all you guys do, you do make a difference!! God Bless, Al Caldwell Clarksville, TN

God as a Loving Father
Posted by Kathy Guidry on

First off, I would like to thank you for all you do on your show. It has been a blessing to my boys and I. My husband passed away about a year ago, suddenly from cancer. It has been a real shock. My children are 14 year old twins and a nine year old. I never really liked listening to the radio, as I am a musician, and all that talking and commercials got on my nerves. But when this happened, I needed a distraction, and stumbled upon your show. My boys and I listen every morning on the way to school, and you make us laugh! I just wanted to address one thing that I have been hearing you talk about recently. I know what I am about to address is primarily Baptist teaching, but I know it is in error, and it creates the wrong image of our Father God. You keep referring to bad things happening in our lives as God's way of teaching us things. If that were true, all the people that suffer would be really smart and wise! And if that were true, if one gets sick, why go to the Dr. for medicine, why not just take your lesson as it comes and really suffer and learn? God is a loving Father, and there is a devil that wants to kill steal and destroy. God can use the things the enemy does and can turn them around for good, and for His Glory, but He does not bring upon sickness, accidents, and death for His Glory to be made known. He does not need to do this. He is God. He recieves Glory when we worship Him, when we testify of His goodness, when we speak of His word, and people are saved through what He has done through Jesus Christ. The curse is operating in this world, and there are cause and effect reasons why a lot of things happen. I think if we knew what was in people's hearts, we would understand a lot more. Only He knows and sees into our hearts. I know my husband came out of a lot of sin in his life, and he lived very hard life before he was saved. Not to say this is why he got cancer, but it had an effect on his body. He smoked and drank for 20 years. He came to the Lord, but still did not take care of himself. I know people get cancer that take care of themselves, and I cannot understand why my husband would have to die and leave his children. All I know is that the secret things belong to God, and we cannot understand everything, and not explain everything away in a neat little package. I also know that God is love, and love does not make us sick or kill our loved ones. God is not a cancer causing, car wreaking creator, but a life giving, loving Lord. This teaching is why people do not want to come to the Lord. Who would want to serve a God that kills our loved ones and makes us sick to teach us things? They blame everything on the Lord because they do not understand why horrible things happen in the world. We live in a cursed world, and a devil roams around waiting to destroy us. There are many reasons for death and destruction, but God is not causing it for His Glory, or trying to teach us through tragedy. Then people say God allowed it. That would be like saying God hired a hit man, the devil, because He didn't want to do it Himself. Sin, death and destruction are in this world. Please let people know that God is love, and does not put sickness on them or kill their loved ones. As that song says tha is so wrong, "what if your tears are God's blessings?" I hate that song! He may turn around my tears for His glory, as I would like to help widows and orphans because of what I have experienced in being in need, but he did not kill my husband so I could do this. I can't even describe to you how my heart rips in two when I see my 9 year old crying for his Daddy. There was much, much more to what was happening in my husband's heart and relationship with the Lord, that I will never know until I get to heaven.

Posted by RALPHY REYES on

Hey Wally I think you are crazy funny and you are a main part of the reason why I started listening to WayFM. Infact, I wanted to move my family and me to Tennessee so I could meet you. But my wife said no. So we stayed in Florida. True story. Your show is awesome.

Posted by Terri on

My high school boys LOVE listening to this show in the way to school. They really like Wally's witty and sarcastic sense of humor. Thanks for making a show that can entertain both parents, teens, and my elementary boys. And most of all thanks for finally creating a funny yet clean show. We LOVE you all Wally's, Kati Rose, Betty Rock, and sorry but can't remember the other guys name :+))

Thank you!!
Posted by Tara on

Hey Wally and the Gang, I live in Portland Oregon and listen to you every morning on the way to work. I'm a receptionist at a doctor's office and believe me it is stressful especially when I don't have any experience in the medical or office field. The songs you play encourage me to remember that God has BIG plans and to place all faith in him and that he's in control. Keep up the positive work! Tara

The 10 min aswer
Posted by Monica Trujillo on

Dear Wally I was listening to your show on my way to work and have been in tiers seance. I would like to tell that girl that I know how she feels I was sexual abused by my cousin the day that I asked God why he had let that happen I was at church and I heard something so POWER full It is NOT YOUR SIN !! When you you start feel like its you fault please remember this and know how strong you are for putting a stop to what was happening. God has never stopped loving you and if you give him the opportunity he will take your pain as along as your willing to hand it over to him.

Posted by Martine on

I'm listening all the way from the Netherlands! Way FM is one of my favorite radio stations! Keep up the good work :)

Chick-fil-A presents Race for ONE less and One Les
Posted by Cortney Bartemus on

Hi Wally, Chick-fil-A Smyrna is presenting Race for ONE less - benefitting One Less Ministries. This is a family oriented race that includes a 5 mile, 1 mile, and 200 meter cow dash. We would love for you all be a part of this. One Less Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded on Christian principles that is both pro-active and reactive to human trafficking. Our mission is to make one less: one less orphan, one less victim of human trafficking, one less victim of sexual exploitation, and one less victim of poverty. OLM believes that changing the world starts with one person. We’re not asking one person to help millions; we’re simply asking each one to help one. OLM is both proactive and reactive to human trafficking. OLM is proactive by helping individuals adopt so that they are not vulnerable to predators. OLM is reactive by helping children once they have been rescued from human trafficking by providing resources needed to remain protected from traffickers. Human trafficking is a $32 billion dollar industry that cannot be ignored anymore because there are 27 Million people enslaved. Passion 2012 showed that people are ready to take a stand for these defenseless individuals and will raise their voices to be their voice. Since OLM helps families adopt orphans to keep them safe from being trafficked. Then you may be able to take the approach and focus on the orphan side (which is softer and very family-friendly). Please let me know if you have anytime that I can talk to you about One Less Ministries and our work here and in South East Asia. For more information, please visit or Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Cortney Bartemus 615.417.0972

Posted by heidi singer on

Dear wally, I am a single mom of two beautiful children and just wanted to share with you my own personal story of inspiration. I have been married and divorced twice, the last one barely a month ago, and I have to tell you after my first marriage I did some things that I'm not particularly proud of. After I just went through my second relationship and have a beautiful baby girl that is 6 months old now and a son that is 5, I decided that I've spent some much time with hatrid in my heart followed with bad decisions and that's when I decided I have to change my lifestyle and my future for not only me but for my children and become a better person cause the way I've been living has ended in disaster except the good things that came out of my experiences is two beautiful children who are my whole world. My sister recently asked me if I would like to go to a Christian conference in Louisville ky called women of joy and I have to tell you that is the best experience of my life that I've made. There was some wonderful speakers that came along with Charles Billingsly and Chris Tomlin in concert. Every since I attended that weekend of women of joy, I have been on fire for Jesus and a deep and incredible yearning for that close relationship with the lord our GOD!!! I went from praying every once in a while to more than my hands can count in a day and I'm constantly reading the word. It really is contagious once you get to the place I am now. I can't tell you enough how much that weekend helped/ changed me, but I will be forever greatful for that incredible weekend for the rest of my life. I can fineally see the light at the end of the tunnel and my days aren't dreary all the time anymore. Sincerity, Heidi

Posted by kim on

I like your music but sometimes your commentary sounds like secular stations. Putting others down or "poking fun" does not bring glory to the Lord. It just sounds like the world. I appreciate what you do but please reconsider some of the things that are said on air.

Posted by Laura on

Hi Wally, As I was listening to your show today, you had a member of Skillet on. I'm not sure if this was a rerun of the show or not but recently, I was flipping through some "Christian channels" on tv and came across the show of Jimmy Swaggart's son. I didn't know what his rant was all about but he said that Skillet is not a Christian band and that people won't be saved to the latest release. I'm not exactly sure what song he was referring to and was hoping you'd ask if they had heard of this. Whatever the case may be, it won't change my opinion of the band but would wonder if he might be successful with others. Just Wondering

Show Topic for Discussion? Forwarding/Posting Fals
Posted by Matt Lindell on

Hey Guys - thanks for what you do. I'm having an interesting conversation with some friends right now and thought you might be interested to use it as show material. Issue: A friend posted a story on Facebook (perhaps you've seen it) about a student (whom you later find out is Einstein) debating an Atheist professor about faith. According to Snopes, the story isn't true ( Question: Should believers post this type of stuff that is false? Pro: One argument I'm receiving is "we know it's false but we like the concept" argument. "It helps us focus on Christ." Con: If we use a lie to point to Christ are we Christ-like? Further when we pass on half-truths or out-right lies do non-believers take us seriously or write us off? Personal Opinion: I would rather that we share we know that it is not a truth but that we like the concepts to point to Christ to bridge both gaps. Cheers, Matt

the avengers movie comments
Posted by Karen on

I listen to way fm often, especially when driving my soon to and from school. How discouraging thus morning when wally basically called him and all others who liked the movie a nerd. On my christian radio station! But it did not stop there as you continued to make fun of the soon reached over and changed the station

On the road again
Posted by Ryan on

I believe wally's vote for "on the road again" is not valid because silver kill werewolves not vampires. :)

lowly barista
Posted by Monica Richardson on

Around 3:15 pm yesterday afternoon your station played a sound byte of a conversation with Wally and another radio personality in which Wally was berating and humiliating his co-host for tipping at Starbucks. He stated that “all they do is make coffee.” This statement seems completely against the Scriptures which tell us to be generous with one another and to give to whoever is in need. There was a time in my life when I was working 2 jobs trying to make ends meet. The tips that I received at Starbucks, (about $20) a week, is what I used to buy groceries for the week. It breaks my heart that Wally does not see the people who “only make coffee” as real people working for a living. I have deleted WAY FM permanently from my set radio stations in my car. I would be embarrassed for a nonbeliever to hear the sarcastic and unbiblical speech from Wally and think that is how a Christian should communicate. I am praying for Wally that the grace and truth of the Gospel would pierce his heart and teach him to weigh his words carefully.

Posted by heather on

you guys are FREAKIN' funny. love it! thanks for making my day!

For Zack- better tasting shake to help with diabet
Posted by Ed Hermsen on this is my website. Helped out a friend of mine

All at WAY FM
Posted by Russell A .Pandolph on

The first 4 me on line Love your show listen every morning as I AM diving ! Need to get on line 4 Blood -Water when I get paid. God Bless U all

Posted by Vanessa on

I love your morning show.....I listen to it on the way to work in the morning, so uplifting and informative. The music is awesome and you really know a positive uplifting WAY to get us humans going in the morning and to our job with a positive outlook on life!! Your call in's and your games usually teach me something new on a daily basis. Keep up the great work and you ALL (4 of you!!) are blessed beyond means. oh, and by the way....question... Is Zach married?? I have a 30 year old daughter (very cool person) that could be a match!! She's looking for that right person in life loves to dance, good movies.....get out and do stuff!!! Blessings to you all!!

WhaT to expect from your show
Posted by Sheri Richardson on

I just wanted to give my opinion of what to expect from the Wally show! Real people Living in today in a real way. Thank The Lord for getting God out of the religious box and trying to get us To live day to day in a real world. I am 55 ( so i am old) and I have been Listening to Wally since he came on WayFM. He has grown in his walk And I believe God is reaching people through his Ministry on the air, that would be why satan uses ugly People to try an hurt an discourage him! Listening To this show you can expect a real life trying to make a difference in o Our lives and our daily walk! God bless your group And keep up the Faith!!

thank you all ! your a blessing.
Posted by Rodney Ward on

I love THE WALLY SHOW ! I listen to wally and the crew on my to work and while i am working. Wally .I have to say they got you good on the I.Q. test. You always make me laugh but Katie Rose really pulled one out when she ask you if you ran out of the words you know! SORRY.BUD but i could not stop laughing. i would really like to thank you for helping me every day. i have god back in my life now! I just wanted to tell you that story so maybe it can help someone else come closer to god. My family and I had started going back to church and really enjoyed it.i got up one sunday night and went to the altar,and asked god to forgive me for my sins but i didnt really fell like god had heard me. so i went home really felling bad and hurt.i was acting like a jerk and being really short with my family. i had went to bed thinking that maybe it was too late! maybe i had got too far away from GOD or maybe i had done too much wrong in my life to be saved1 This worried me all night and i got up thinking about it the next morning on my way to work! I have been listening to another radio station untill it went out of range and then i turn to the way fm. anyway while i was listening to the radio the song BY MY SIDE. BY 10TH AVENUE SOUTH came on and i started really thinking about the words . i have to say i broke down started crying and with ALL MY HEART asked again for forgivness . All i have to say is my heart was filled with joy,happinessand love like i had never felt before. the rest of the way to work it was one song after another just telling me how much GOD loved me and that he was always there. I hope that every one knows that GOD will always be there and will always answer your prayers. i know GOD works on his time not mine.i thank GOD everyday for my life and family .thanks agian for being there during the day helping me .

Lexington, KY Christian Rock Band
Posted by Tracy on

Love your show! I love listening and always get some great laughs..Also get my heart strings pulled..A couple of months ago, you played a song from a band I thought was from Lexington, KY..It was kinda rockish. Kind of reminded me of Desciple. Thing is, I didn't catch the name of the group or the song..By chance, do you recall who it may be?

Ft. Myers, Fl
Posted by Helen on

How about playing Anthem Lights

skunk smell!
Posted by Don on

My wife thinks I'm crazy too for "not minding" the skunk smell. I don't live for it by any means, nor do I want sprayed directly. However, I enjoy the skunk smell too. Thanks Wally for making me feel no so weird.

Posted by Heather Ashby on

I needed that laugh this morning! Y'all are K-razy!!!!

Italian friend found Way FM ap & is listening in C
Posted by Cindy White on

Just wanted to share a dear friend of mine has visited my family twice, from Italy. She just recently asked the name of the radio station we listened to in the car while we were taking her sightseeing around Tennessee. She has found the ap for her I-phone and is now listening to y'all in Cremona, Italy. It is another great way for her to keep up with her English. She loves to look up the songs she hears and find the youtube version with the lyrics written out, it helps her understand the language better. She affectionately calls me her American Mom and has also bought an English Bible. Way FM made an impression on her while she was here, and now she can share Way FM with her friends in Italy. Bet you never guessed your programming would be so far reaching. Thank you! Laura's American Mom

just sayin'
Posted by gracie collins on

im 15. i love sitting in the car listening to the music on wayfm. i just wish yall would play more modern songs. something like "who you are" by Unspoken, or "10,000 reasons" by matt redman. those are the songs that a church can do a dance to. those are the songs that you get the tingles from just listening to it in the car. those are the songs that will change lives. they changed mine. if a teen switches to the station and they hear a slow song like "how great is our god", there gonna change staions! keep them on the wayfm station by putting great songs on all the time!

hey guys
Posted by gracie collins on

okay. this goes out to the people in college. i know if you like science your gonna listen to everything. i love science. its my favorite subject. except when we started talking about evolution. look guys- it doesnt happen! it makes NO sense- its crazy-you need to read Genisis 1:1- and the rest of the Bible. if you have PURE PROOF that it exists i will be glad to be proved wrong about it, but until then... you have yet to prove yourself. BOTTOM LINE. WE DID NOT EVOLVE FROM MONKEYS, WE WERE CREATED BY GOD, THE EARTH DIDNT COME FROM A BALL OF NUTHIN, (which doesnt make sense to me!????) WE ARE HUMAN NOT ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO SICK OF HEARING THINGS LIKE "mommy! guess what i learned today? whales used to have legs! how cool is that?!" very cool. if you want to go to hell. what about Jonah and the whale? huh? did that whale slowly evolve and go pick up Jonah? you wanna know what else i HATE hearing? that God made evolution. how stupid! why would God need evolution? he doesnt need help wih animals! hes God! duh people! the earth is not millions of years old! its like 6-4 thousand years old! if it was millions of years old, we'd be in hell! thankyou - gracie- btw- im 13. i go to school in Georgia. can u tell?

Please Keep Your Political Views to Yourself
Posted by Joel on

I was listening to your show this morning and Wally was reading a letter written by a listener saying that Romney was helping the hurricane victims by collecting supplies, donations, etc. You had made the comment that Romney was in kind of a no win situation and I agree with that. However, Zach then starts busting on Romney in a very sarcastic voice saying that he can't even follow the directions given to him by the Red Cross, because he wasn't just collecting money. From what I have been hearing over the past few months, it is very obvious that all of you are big Obama fans. I have a question for you. How is it that a "Christian" radio show constantly cuts down Romney, who is a Christian, and continually shows approval for a president who is pushing gay marriage, abortion and other extreme liberal agenda items? I listen to WAY fm in the mornings, because I like the music, but am really tiring of hearing you push your political opinions on your listeners. Please stick to what you are good at and leave politics out of it. Thanks.

Posted by Roland on

Hey Wally. I listen to your show most mornings and would like to comment on 1 observation. While I realize humor is a big part of your style I've noticed that often your jokes are aimed at your wife, and not in a positive way. Our wives are God's daughters. We are commanded to love them as Christ loves the church. We are to cherish, nurture, and encourage them. To use them as the brunt of our jokes is disrespectful and demeaning. I noticed in the comments that many young people listen to and enjoy your show. What a great opportunity to influence future (and present) husbands on the proper way to love, cherish and lift up our wives.

Toby Mac
Posted by Garon on

Hey Wally, I turned on your show this morning just as you were playing a live recording of Mandisa and Toby. Is Toby ok? It sounded like he had a cold or something. Just kidding. Seriously though, good job with the show. When you first started I was not a fan, but I have come to appreciate your spiritual insight and your talent on air and apparently on stage. The kingdom of God is so far above our preferences. This reinforces that God wants to bless us and speak to us in ways that go beyond preference. Thanks for the work that you guys do! Garon

going to the Chiropractor
Posted by Terri on

Chiropractors use the method of "laying on of hands" and it is natural. I think it is a great alternative to man-made medicine. My chiroprator feels Jesus could have been one as well. People have come in her office, blinded by migranes, walked out seeing, people have come in and could not stand straight or walk, and have left walking upright. What do you think?

Newsboy song
Posted by Terri on

I heard the talk re: the "Roaring like a Lion" phrase in the Newsboy song, and how the bible says that Satan goes about like a lion.... Well, I don't think the Newsboys song is talking about the devil. In the Bible JESUS is also known as the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" Judah is the tribe of Praise, so maybe it means roaring with praise!

Posted by Susan Karbach on

Abortion. How are we affected? And what is the Fall-Out that we are dealing with? We know that the impact Abortion has had on people’s lives is huge; we know the impact Abortion has had on Countries, Civilizations, and Societies is huge; and we know the impact Abortion has had on us as, individual, people is huge. What has the impact been? What is the Fall-Out that we are dealing with? The cost to human life is insurmountable to us, as Humans, but not to God. For He knows every Soul – “every hair on our head He has numbered.”

27 million slaves
Posted by Anna G on

27 Million Hi, my name is Anna Grider, I am 17 years old and a senior in high school. I recently attended the passion conference in Atlanta Georgia. ( At passion we had the opportunity to worship under known artists such as Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, and David Crowder ect. We had the pleasure of listening to esteemed speakers such as Louie Giglio, Francis Chan, John Piper and many more. While I was ushered into a worship experience I had never experienced before, and my mind was blown by the authenticity of the speakers, one thing I took away was the content of the End It Movement. ( Did you know there are over 27 million slaves in the world today! Yes, slavery still exists. The sad thing is, is that hardly anyone knows about it. Slavery is hidden in the shadows. It’s ignored, forgotten about, denied, and unknown. People have no idea that there are more slaves in the world today than when it was illegalized 150 years ago. At passion they had several speakers talk to us about the stomach churning statistics on slavery in the world today. Slaves are bought and sold at an average price of ninety dollars per person. That’s cheaper than a pair of shoes, which to me is heartbreaking. There are slaves in over 161 countries in the world; including our own, 80 percent of those are women. Most people think that slavery in the United States ended with the Civil War. But right now, as you read this, there are roughly 200,000 slaves working in America. And 17,000 more will be trafficked in the next year. Anywhere between 600,000 - 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year. And somewhere in the neighborhood of half of them are children. Every minute of every day, 2 children--children who should be playing and learning and enjoying the most precious part of their lives--are sold into slavery. It doesn't cost you anything to get involved. You can fight for the release of those who cannot fight for themselves by taking up the cause and making people aware. You can give money, if you like, or energy or tirelessness. You can go fight through social media, through local or national government, or through the alarm bell of awareness. You can shine a light on slavery. You can END IT. I am one girl, who goes to a very tiny school, I don’t have much influence, I don’t have a wide audience to make aware. I listen to WAYFM almost everyday, I know you have a large number of listeners, a large number of supporters, and a large form of influence. Gary Haugen, president and CEO of International Justice Mission ( spoke at passion and said how making people aware is the work. I was hoping you could talk about end it movement on one of your shows. I don’t want people to look at my generation and say, “where were you when there were 27 million people enslaved?” I want to be able to look back at my generation and say, that’s the generation that helped free the 27 million slaves. The slavery "industry" rakes in $32 billion dollars each year. $32 billion. That's an underground network whose annual revenue is greater than that of Google. It breaks my heart that this is what our world is coming to. Children are abused and sold for sex. Pregnant women are forced to work 22 hours a day in the hot sun carrying 70lbs of bricks on their head, men are beaten and forced to work with gushing wounds. All the while we are paying for their labor, yet they don’t see the profit. Now I know what you are thinking, giving money or raising awareness wont do anything. Well just last week, the money that was raised at passion was put towards funding a raid in India. IJM went to a brick factory to try and free 15 people from forced labor, long story short it ended with 150 men, women and children being officially released from slavery. ( Now if that’s not something to praise God about I don’t know what is. Here is the mission statement of end it movement. Slavery is Wrong. You know it. We know it. As a country, we've officially known it since 1863. But here's something you might not know -- Slavery still exists. We want every man, woman and child to know that there are 27 million men, women and children, just like them, living in the shadows. In brothels. In factories. In Quarries. Working as slaves. In 161 countries. Including our own. We are here to shine a light on slavery. No more bondage. No more sex trafficking. No more child laborers. No more, starting now. I would love for you to take this into consideration. I am praying over this email. I want people to be aware, because now they will never have the excuse that they didn’t know. I always wondered why somebody didn’t do anything about this, then I realized I am somebody. Many people may ask, “where is God for these 27 million slaves?” well I ask, “where are God’s people?” I want the world to know what they are tolerating, and I want the world to know that I am not tolerating it anymore. You can help me take that first step. So what do you say? You are no longer unaware. Are you in it to end it? If you would like to get in touch with me for any reason, you can email me back or call me at 256-361-6801, I would love to answer any questions you may have. I am more than willing to speak up on behalf of the voiceless.

Compassion International
Posted by Carlos Amador on

Wally, GOD is really using you and your show in such amazing ways. We sponsor a child from Kenya that you helped sponsor a few years back. His name is Joel. We never wrote to him. We only paid the monthly sponsorship and thought we were doing our part. Weve been listening to your show and you mentioned that writing to the kids is so important because they glinge to the letters and it encourages them. Thank you for speaking directly to us, because we sent Joel our first letter today and told him how much he means to us and how important he is! Thanks to you, we are no longer good sponsors, but have joined the league of GREAT sponsors. It took for your words to make us realize its not only about the financial commitment, but the relationship and the love commitment. THANK YOU and may GOD continue to use you and your show to touch so many people in so many ways!!!

Amazing lady
Posted by Patrick Morris on

Good morning, I am here to tell you about a 76 year young lady, who has a 38' recreational vehicle, with built in computers, she drives around town helping kids in homework assistance, tutoring and Fcat readiness, at no charge, she is not afiliated with any church. Mrs. Estella Pyfrom is her name she is a retired educator of fifty years in the Palm Beach County School system. Please look at her website: She can be reached at 561-985-1889.

Madison County Relay for Life
Posted by Selena Phillips on

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are in an urgent need of one TOTALLY AWESOME and LIVELY emcee for our Madison County Relay for Life event on Friday, April 26th 6 a.m.through Saturday, April 27th 12 p.m. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! tell us you can help us with this need! We would feel so honored to have such a FAMOUS celebrity (For my own sake, I will let you figure out which one of you is the FAMOUS celebrity!) visit us here in the little town of Madison! One more time...PLEASE ( Yes, I'm on my knees begging at this point!)!!!! Now I would like to take this moment to tell you THANK YOU! Thank you for the wonderful rides to school I have with my 12 year old son every week because of your show! We always have a great laugh, and it is a wonderful start to our day! Thank you again! and Please Help Us! Selena Phillips

interested in going to the Disney concert.
Posted by Carlos Herrera on

Me and wife love your radio station listen to it all the time we go to next level church in fortmyers Florida.

me and wife love your radio station we listen to i
Posted by Carlos Herrera on

You guys are awesome

Posted by Carlos Herrera on

You guys are awesome

Girls all over the world strive..
Posted by Kelsy on

Dear wally I was listening to your show and heared about the girl who staved herself. Im sixteen and i go through the same thing.Many girls all around the world go through the same thing and it makes me feel so good to know someone like you and the radio station cares to listen. Just talking about makes a big difference. I will never understand why i or anyone like me would do this to themselve but all i know is that i just want someone to love me and just ask he how my day is and take notice that im losing weight i not overweight but i do it to myself. For all the girls out there going through the same thing be who you want to be. Love yourself beacuse if you dont very little will. I looked of love in the arms of a man and I've yet to find it in the hands of my own father. The best way to go through this to to believe and read the bible and pray all the time. Sometimes its so hard for me to have faith in something in cant see or hear but I know everyday that i wake up is a blessing and that's what gives me the strength to believe

Posted by Mandy on

I absolutely love the Wally Show! Wally, Zack, and Katie help kick start my day in the morning when I'm headed to work. It's great to hear the uplifting God-praising music and also get to enjoy some great laughs too. What I want to know is how can I follow you guys on twitter??

Love your show!
Posted by Angela on

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say how much I love your show in the morning. I stumbled across your station about 6 months ago in a really hard time in my life. My daily commute of 30 minutes listening to you in the morning was sometimes the only thing I looked forward to. I haven't felt comfortable in any church and really had just given up on finding a place of worship over the years. Too many folks who pretend they are perfect only on Sunday and look down on those who aren't. I love how you all talk about real issues and make everyone feel welcome, bumps bruises s****es and all. Thank you for all you do and know that I feel like I have found my home church and that is WAY FM in the morning.

loving yall here in Birmingham!!
Posted by janice white on

Hi Wally and team!! I am so happy to have yall here in Birmingham, I just can't tell you. I am originally from LA as in Los they give me that "lower Alabama" joke....anyway, I am really used to great Christian radio stations and am celebrating you being here. So glad to be a part of the Way FM support team...I am so committed to Christian radio and know that because of others support, you were able to stretch out to Birmingham. I am praying for above and beyond contributions to come in on Monday and Tuesday. Thanks for all that you do for us listeners!!

Wish You All Were On In Morning AND The Evening
Posted by Paulette Gordon on

Freaking HILARIOUS...enough said.

Lack of radio signal in Chattanooga (90.9)
Posted by Rebecca Russell on

Need I say more?

Posted by Sonja on

Tiger's divorce was not your average cir***stance. It embodied degradation of society in our times. I think not mentioning him is not punishing him in any way.

Encouragement for Wally
Posted by M on

Hey Wally don't hold on to the negative that people throw at you. Remember what God says you are! And I think your a great representation of a Christian, you didn't realize your joke would upset someone. Hebrews 10:14 MSG - it was a perfect sacrafice by a perfect person to perfect some very imperfect people.

Posted by valerie thorsen on

Whoa, I am in Cali and needed to hear familiar music and of course humor that is like mine and thought I would go online to listen. Never had a reason before. Then I looked on line and saw your precious faces !!!! It all makes sense now, you add to everyones life, and I believe they live their lives vicariously through you all. Valerie

Posted by Jadyn Robinson on

I've been going through like a dark year and like listenning to your shhow has just lifted my spirits and made me happy. I only listen to tyhis station in moring due to the fact that your on here. Thank you. ps. I'm only eleven.

thanks for encoouragement
Posted by Emily Jackson on

Dear wally show crew, I am a young woman who is soon to be married this July and I just felt lead to say thank you for everything you all have been. I turn your show on as I head to my job every day. It has been such an encouragement for my faith to carry it into my work where His US truly using me to reach my boss who is not a believer and has had such a hard past road. Your show helps me every day give me peace and courage to say the things God has called me to say or how He wants me to proceed with comfort for her as her sister has two types of cancer. And now her mother has cancer as well. Thank you for all your humor and joy that is so contagious!!!!!!

Thank you Wally
Posted by Yuliska Naude on

I am a sophomore in high school and I have been suffering with depression for the past three years. I found that listening to the music on WAYFM helped bring me out of my hole. It also helped me see that my relationship with God is not what it used to be. But the music and scripture didn't always help and I would find myself turning off the radio, not in the mood to hear anything positive. Those times were usually school days or days I had time for myself. My freshman year your show was on in the afternoon and now it is on in the mornings and every time I hear your show it would compel me to listen, to not turn off the radio and wallow. Somedays your show was the reason I could smile. My depression is better but somedays it still gets the better of me. So I wanted to thank you for unknowingly being there and helping me build a better relationship with God.

Posted by MIchelle Andrews on

I just wanted to drop a note to let you and your cast know that you have TOUCHED my life in so many ways. I went to a Big Daddy Weave concert in late March and it touched my soul and has changed me in so many ways with my faith and love for Jesus. Thank you for you show it makes my morning drive everyday it is what I need.

Story of man losing hands, using prosthetics throu
Posted by Cynthia on

Hi Wally.... First, I work from home, and listen to Way FM most of the day and love the music, and especially love your show. I have given my next comment much thought, but decided that I needed to voice my opinion on a recent story that has been airing. With the recent bombings, and our service men and women coming home and finding themselves having to be fit with one, or sometimes even four, prosthetics, the story that keeps playing regarding the man who lost both hands due to touching an electrical wire, then having to be fit with prosthetics that work through his I-Phone, was fine until the last line, "the problem is that he has AT&T and keeps dropping things," is inappropriate at best, at least in my opinion. I'm a Christian yet definitely not a of the things I love most about this show is showing people that you can be a Christian but still be funny and have a sense of humor :) Just wanted to have my opinion heard....still love your show and enjoy your funny stories...maybe this one should have been thought through first?? I'm just saying.... Blessings!! Cyndi (513) 254-2744

Answer to your questinon
Posted by Jamie on

Wally, Hey bro. I am a "worker" living overseas. My family and I love your show. Having it online is great, as it lets us listen. You just asked a question about how God has helped in difficult times. I work with the persecuted/underground church. I can attest that it is only by God's sustaining grace. I know the tragedy in OK was awful. And as parents, my wife and prayed and cried for those families. You asked your question in light of "How could God allow such a thing to happen to kids?" (loose quote). I think we, as a nation, have no right to ask such a question. I would direct you to this website: Since 1973 we (not God) has allowed over 56 million abortions. And we weep and question God over the death of these in OK? We have compartmentalized the death of children as that which we accept and are dull to (abortions) and that which we deem as "tragic" and "how could God allow it?" (tornadoes, school shooting, etc.). IF we are really upset over such tragedies, then were is the outcry for the 56 million? Please do not read judgement or condemnation into my email. My heart grieves for those families affected by the OK tornado. I just think we need to be very careful in "blaming" God for such things. There is much blood on our hands as a nation. May God pour out His grace upon us....we very much need it....though we do not deserve it. May you know His grace and blessings today. J--

Wally Show & 88.1
Posted by Brigitte W on

Hello, . I stopped listening to the radio after my 22 year old son committed suicide on Feb 15, 2013, because I just needed peace and didn't want to hear all the worldly nonsense on other morning shows. My friend told me about your show because it is very light hearted and Christian oriented; so I decided to listen in that same week. The day I turned on your show a few days after losing my son the topic was, "What to say to someone who has lost a loved one." And the next day there was a topic about, " Death." It's been all of your topics, humor, and songs that have truly helped me get through a very difficult time. I have listened to other Christian radio stations in the past but they were just too serious..Thanks to you all for helping me to restore my Christian faith and peace(I am a work in progress). I am going to keep on listening and spreading the word about 88.1.

you are all amazing//i finally know what you all l
Posted by Rose on

Ever since I accidently found your show on my car radio I just can't get enough of listing to all of you and your music. I even have my grandkids and my husband listening. Thank you all for such a great radio station and letting God be God also on your station. May God bless you all. My favorite song is How many times. Right now I am going through some rough times with my son Jonny and my grandson Chris who are both using drugs. It is so heartbreaking. Yet I give them to God every day and ask claim His promises on them. Please keep them in your prayers and hopefully they will some day accidently find your station in their cars or at home on the radio. God bless you all.

Posted by ron on

what happened to the edgeness of the music I enjoyed played alot fo metal and rap skillet familyforce 5 group1 crew are you getting old on me

Posted by ron on

what happened to your edge that you had Ilike skillet familyforce 5 group 1crew

sister station in ky.
Posted by Dorothy on

Hi Recently been listening to your show I download it on my mp3 I really like your show and u guys have help me. My question is I live in ky is there a sister station. Thanks Dorothy

Thank you
Posted by phillip Southard on

good morning Wally show I just wanted to write y'all, to let you know how much your station mean to me and my daughter. coming from how I grew up, and being a single dad and especially raising a girl as my first child, my life has been very difficult I'm going through this you must change because I want to walk the path that God has seen for us. I want to thank you all and the whole station for what y'all do because honestly it's not just a music is well its your ministry. I never really knew about this station until I would offer a 21 day challenge buy one of my really close friends from high school. I'm not going to lie I was like I'll accept the challenge and then really think nothing of it but then as the days started counting and counting I fell in love with music and the station and even the Wally show I listen to all at work. especially growing up with hip hop rap r&b and especially being a hip hop dancer I think it's time for me to start dancing for Christ. but I really want to thank your station and y'all ministry and I hope that you'll read this live on the air because I also want to thank my great friend Brittney for giving me the 21 day challenge because honestly in less than that time I've listen to nothing much more than way fm.. I love you also in the morning its ears me up it makes me laugh and the music is just awesome thank you all very much for what you'll do for what the station does. god bless you all have a wonderful day

we would like your help
Posted by Ashley on

My friend and I are trying to raise awareness for Muscular Dystrophy for tobymac's son also to bring prayers for him.We are putting hearts on our hands and writing mo mac under the heart and posting them on instagram with the #tobymac #welovemomac #muscledystrophy.We were hoping maybe yall could do this and maybe even mention on air we have a special instagram page all the pics are being added to my instagram name is @imagodgirlashk if anyone wants to get ahold me. Again you put a heart on your hand and write mo mac under it the name of our page is @heartsformomac on instagram if yall would like to do this it would would be awesome yall could take a pic and email it to me or if u have instagrams find me on there either way.we just wanna lift moses up in prayers and bring as much awareness as possible From-El dorado Ark

The 8/22 Pharaoh question
Posted by Priscilla on

I heard your question yesterday while i was driving I don't know if you got an answer but here is my shot at it. Ex 6 God tells Moses "see what I will do to Pharaoh. For with a strong hand he will let them go". God was already telling Moses that this was not goig to be easy and Pharoah would be punished. Let's remember this is Israel we are talking about. Pharaoh chose to deal harshly with them Ex1:11 says they set task masters over them to aflict them. Egypt had forgotten that they had been blessed and prospered because of Joseph, who was of Israel. Let's NEVER forget when God called Abram to become a great nation he said in Genesis 12:3 I will bless those that bless you and i will curse him who curses you. God reminds them in Ex 4:22 that Israel is His first born. Don't mess with God's people. God Bless you hadve a great day

Bottled Water
Posted by Sharon on

We use bottled water because we are on a well and it's sulfur water. Sometimes, it's needed

small groups
Posted by john m queen on

How do I join?

small group
Posted by john m queen on

How do I join small groups

Amazing Radio Station
Posted by Celina Marquez on

I kinda found your station by mistake. The greatest mistake I have ever made. I really enjoy your station. You are so down to earth. The music is always ministering to me, especially when I'm going through something. I like the fact that you guys are so honest and truthful.. You also play music that is the awesome, and its not always the same song playing every three minutes. Thank you so mush for loving the Lord Jesus as you do. May you be blessed. I want to join the group for reading the bible. Can you send me the website. Love you guys!!! I don't know all your names yet, but I will get that down.

Posted by LJC on

I am trying to find all who are on the show on my facebook. Please help me find Michele Lee and others, I do have Wally on my facebook. Love your show. God bless and thank you so much for bringing GOD in to our lifes and knowing Jesus saved all of us and to have our lifes fill with the Love Jesus died on the cross for us. Love you and God Bless All Of You

Love the show
Posted by Pam gootee on

Just wanted u guys to know I wouldn't start my day any other way but with u guys. Thanks for all u guys do.

Posted by Terri on

I just wanted to let Zach know that I loved his joke!

want to buy these shoes
Posted by Stephanie on

I love that song!! The entire show rocks, I love what you guys do. Keep shining on :o)

Colorado Christian University scholarship
Posted by Janis Spencer on

hey, will you send me the details... I'd LOVE to win this, but dont know the details. love the show!

is the show in Southern California~
Posted by Cheryl on

I love the humor and the "REAL" side to everyone on the show! Help me find you in Southern California :):)!!! I am from Denver and listened to Wally EVERY morning. I just relocated to San Diego-where can I find the radio station! I miss the Wally show! :( Keep doing what you do!

very funny
Posted by robyn parker on

I just laugh out loud all the way to work every morning. What a great way to start my day!

wally show
Posted by cecilia peters on

To Wally and the gang, thank you for brightening up my mornings with your zaniness and thoughtful messages that do not smack of self-righteousness. You are doing God's work in a way I understand. A Creator who comes up with the idea of a penguin, an ostrich, or a giraffe!!! (hullo), just to name a few of his amazing creations, has to have a sense of humor! Life, under the best of cir***stances, can be so difficult and dark, thank you for pointing out the silver lining with a delightful sense of humor.

More Music Less Talk
Posted by Cara on

Please play more music and have more inspirational talks. Enough with the Frozen soundtrack talk.

Posted by Alexis on

Way fm is a fun station to listen to, even for someone like me who isn't religious. It's also refreshing to find a Christian who isn't super anti gay. I always feel super unwelcome because of my sexual orientation.

Just to say hi
Posted by Ashley on

Hi Wally I discovered your show about three months ago I've always wanted to sing a n I can rap just like TobyMac I love his music but anyway I could go on but don't wanna waste your time so bye!

who is louisa may alcott?
Posted by Debi Stewart on

Just a note to let you know that Louisa May Alcott was the author of the classics, Little Women and Little Men books, among other lesser known titles.:-) Great job on the show each it and love the team!

talking to Wally
Posted by Amanda Rodriguez on

Hello! This morning I called in to talk to Wally about wanting to see Disney World after regaining your sight. I realized after that I just hung up after speaking to him, my son and I were so excited! Anyway, I don't know if I was supposed to give you any information afterwards. Sorry, and thanks for speaking to me. I love the show!!

Wally's "Pronoun Problem"
Posted by James on

Wally has a "pronoun problem." Every other sentence he speaks include, "I, me, my, myself, etc." The Lord would be much better served via his important platform, if the focus of conversation and attention was placed on more significant matters.

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